”I'm from the old school where dentist visits were dreaded, with this awesome dentist and staff it's exactly the opposite, I actually looked forward to my visits, Dr Zehren is a genius at putting you at ease and knowing your in good hands, I highly recommend Zehren dental as your next dental service.”
- Rosemary

“I had a crown / cap put on today. The new technology was used so I was able to get the permanent crown put on , on the first visit.”
- Kathy

“The hygienists are very caring and competent. Dr Zehren does very good work and does a great job. Office staff are friendly.”
- Cathie

“Very friendly and helpful staff.”
- Bernard

“I have been a Zehren patient for many years, starting with Roger Zehren. When his son, Peter set up PRACTICE in Winona, I have been his patient, and friend. He has been most patient with my wishes and comfort and has taken excellent care of my teeth.”
- Jean

“just a friendly atmosphere and the people are so pleasant”
- Bob

“Got in right away. have an apt for work needed before end of year. Great confidence in practitioners and office staff. have always been greatly satisfied.”
- Paula

“Everyone is so friendly. Get service and people.”
- Gary

“Friendly, professional and courteous staff. I always feel comfortable and in good hands.”
- Kathy

“From the minute you walk in , Carol and Melissa greet you as family. Then Kristi is thorough and friendly. After that Dr. ZEhren stops by to say hi even though you don't need an exam and then meeting with Marilyn was like having coffee with a friend.”
- Cheryl

“I have been using Zehren dental for many years, and the quality of Dr. Zehren and staff is tops. I have an unnatural fear of choking, and Dr, Zehren has found ways to do the needed procedures to minimize my fears. This has likely made his work more difficult. His efforts convinced me that I made the correct choice of dentist.”
- Robert

”Friendly, professional service. Great explanation of any future work to be done. Excellent dentistry! I highly recommend them.”
- Iggie

”Best dentist and staff ever!”

”This office is professional in every way, and staff members are friendly and kind. But the best thing about Zehren Dental is the dentist, Peter Zehren. He's a perfectionist with a gentle touch!”
- Peggy

”Great environment, and staff. They are always making sure you are comfortable, and ask if you need anything.”
- Allen

"Zehren Dental does it all. A great dentist and a great staff."
- Dean

"Zehren Dental is the best!"

"I have nothing but good to say about Zehren Dental. From the staff to Dr. Peter Zehren, himself, everyone is professional, friendly, and trustworthy. They do their best to make you feel comfortable and I have the utmost confidence in their recommendations and care."
- Dixie


"In my 63 years, I never would have thought I would say, “I love to go to the Dentist.” It was not until last June when I knew that my teeth were not going to wait any longer that I called Zehren Dental and Carol set up the appointment.

It had been 22 years since I had seen a dentist, because the word DENTIST was always associated with pain. In my personal experiences with dentists that was true. Mainly because I had the philosophy “As long as they are not hurting, their okay,” when the truth was I should of went to the dentist more often and they wouldn’t be hurting!

There were times when I knew I should have gone to the dentist, but I always used some excuse. For instance, “I am too busy”, or "I don’t have enough time, or money. Actually, I was just scared of dentist; again, I always associated them with pain.

Well, when I went to Zehren Dental I was amazed at the cheerful staff, and I forewarned them “I may be 62, but I am a baby in the dentist chair”. They assured me I was not the only one who had said that to them. Yet, they did a very smart thing they gave me Kristi to do my first teeth cleaning in 62 years, she was like this angel with me (it helped that she was as sweet as my daughter Kristi).

Well, I met Dr. Pete, and after 22 years of fearing to go to the dreaded dentist, I can say I wish I had met a dentist like him years ago. He was not crabby, or rude or making faces like “How could you let your teeth get this bad?” It is as if He already knew I was asking myself the same question. He told me what needed to be done, that it would take time, and asked me what I wanted to do. He was kind.

I am amazed at the friendly, caring and compassionate staff, dental assistants and even the business managers at Zehren Dental. I am most amazed, because I do not associate the word “pain” with my dentist. My words for Zehren Dental are “They not only give phenomenal dental service, but “They make a huge difference in changing the perspective and atmosphere of going to the dentist.”


"Very kind and thoughtful"

"To say thank you seems so meaningless, but I am going to say it anyway! Why a person puts themselves, their health, (spiritually, physically or even orally) on the back burner I know happens. However, to treat one with compassion, kindness and be so patient and non-judgmental is what your practice embodies."



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